iCog inaugural conference - Programme

iCog inaugural conference
Interdisciplinarity in Cognitive Science

29 November - 1 December 2013

Friday, 29 November

2:00pm Registration/coffee

2:45pm Welcome

3:00pm Symposium: Metaphor, machine learning, concept acquisition
Anna Jelec (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań), Matthew Capetola (Oxford), Richard Stöckle-Schobel (Edinburgh)

4:15pm Break

4:30pm Invited talk: ‘Learning to be an effective communicator: language acquisition in the first five years of life
Danielle Matthews (Psychology, Sheffield)

5:30pm Break

6:00pm Keynote: ‘Does mind matter?’
Colin Blakemore (Neuroscience & Philosophy, SAS, London)

7:30pm Dinner

Saturday, 30 November

9:30am Invited talk: ‘Time is our fruit fly: The case of temporal cognition
Vyv Evans (Linguistics, Bangor)

10:30am Coffee break

10:45am Symposium: Affect regulation and the fading affect bias
David Cameron (Sheffield), Kate Muir (University of the West of England)

11:45am Break

12:00 noon Symposium: Social cognition and moral psychology
Sylvia Terbeck (Plymouth), Hossein Dabbagh (Reading/Oxford), Selin Ilgaz (Goldsmiths)

1:15pm Lunch

2:15pm Symposium: Consciousness and rationality
Andrea Polonioli (Edinburgh), Tom McClelland (Manchester)

3:15pm Break

3:45pm Symposium: Cognitive puzzles: cargo cults and cave art
Eveline Seghers (Ghent), Radu Umbres (Institut Jean Nicod, Paris)

4:45pm Break

5:15pm Invited talk: ‘On why anthropologists and psychologists need each other: reflections from Madagascar
Rita Astuti (Anthropology, LSE)

6:15pm Break

6:30pm Poster session and drinks reception (supported by Language and Cognition)
Haifa Alatawi (Leeds), Jordan Black (Oxford) & Lisa Martignetti (Concordia), Gerhard Böck (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde), Christopher Brand (Birkbeck), Alessio Bucci (Edinburgh), Joe Dewhurst (Edinburgh), Krzysztof Dolega (independent researcher), Stephanie Grohman (Goldsmiths), Manuel Heras Escribano (Granada) & Javier González de Prado (Southampton/UNED), Jessica Hodgson (Lincoln), Asier Lafarga (Salamanca), Yan Tao (Cambridge), Enrico Torre (Lancaster), Meilin Zhan (Edinburgh)

8:00pm Dinner

Sunday 1 December

9:30am Invited talk: ‘Prediction and the sciences of mind
Andy Clark (Philosophy, Edinburgh)

10:30am Coffee break

10:45am Symposium: Methodologies in the sciences of mind
Kelly Vassie (Birkbeck), Andrew Buskell (Cambridge), Eric Hochstein (Leeds)

12:00 noon Lunch

1:00pm Symposium: Delusions, hallucinations, inner speech
Kengo Miyazono (Birmingham), Victor Fernández Castro (Granada), Sam Wilkinson (Durham)

2:15pm  Break

2:30pm Invited talk: ‘Mind mechanisms: the importance of understanding how the brain takes decisions and implements emotion, memory, and attention
Edmund T Rolls (Oxford Centre for Computational Neuroscience)

3:30pm Wrap-up session: Future activities of iCog

4:00pm Training session: Using PsychoPy (ends at 17:30)
Lily FitzGibbon (Sheffield)