iCog 3 - Programme

iCog 3
Sense and Space

Room 349, South Block, Senate House, University of London
17–19 February 2016

Wednesday, 17 February (Junior Researcher Workshop)

12:15pm Opening

12:30pm–2:00pm Contributed Paper Session 1:
Acquaintance, Spatial Properties and the Explanatory Gap’ — Thomas Raleigh (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
Bodily Awareness and Attention’ — Gregor Hochstetter (University of Tübingen)

2:00pm–2:30pm Coffee

2:30pm–3:30pm Contributed Paper Session 2:
Space and Phenomenal Presence’ — Mattia Riccardi (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn)

Thursday, 18 February

9:40am Registration (no coffee)

9:55am Introduction

10:00am–11:30am Contributed Paper Session 3:
Do We Experience Cross-Modal Spatial Illusions?’ — Alisa Mandrigin (University of Warwick)
Joint Experience, Demonstrative Reference, and Sense of Space’ — Axel Seemann (Bentley University)
Chair: Rory Bufacchi (University College London)

11:30am–12:00 noon Coffee

12:00 noon–1:00pm Symposium 1:
Oral Referral’ — Charles Spence (University of Oxford)
Chair: Katharina Brecht (University of Cambridge)

1:00pm–2:00pm Lunch (Room 350)

2:00pm–3:30pm Contributed Paper Session 4:
Tactile Object and Embodied Subject’ — Tony Cheng (University College London)
Space and Spatial Directions in Olfactory Experience’ — Solveig Aasen (University of Oslo)
Chair: Cristina Cioffi (Goldsmiths, University of London)

3:30pm–4:00pm Coffee

4:00pm–5:30pm Keynote:
Spatial Awareness and the Chemical Senses’ — Barry Smith (University of London)
Chair: Tony Cheng (University College London)

7:30pm Dinner (speakers and by invitation only)

Friday, 19 February

9:40am–10:00am Morning Coffee

10:00am–11:30am Symposium 2:
Spatial Representations of Vision and Touch in Early Life’ — Jannath Begum Ali (Birkbeck, University of London)
Combining Multiple Perceptual Spatial Cues for Action’ — Denis Mareschal (Birkbeck, University of London)
Chair: Brianna Beck (University College London)

11:30am–11:40am Short Break (no coffee)

11:40am–1:10pm Symposium 3:
Spatial Aspects of Bodily Experience’ — Patrick Haggard (University College London)
Comments on Haggard’ — Michael Martin (University College London)
Chair: Thomas Tanay (University College London)

1:10pm–2:10pm Lunch (Room 350)

2:10pm–3:40pm Symposium 4:
Unseen Colour Constancy and the Relationship between Sensation and Perception of the External World’ — Robert Kentridge (University of Durham)
Looking Before Seeing’ — Zhaoping Li (University College London)
Chair: Merle Fairhurst (University of London)

3:40–4:10pm  Coffee

4:10pm–5:40pm Symposium 5:
The Two-Visual-Systems Hypothesis and the Perspectival Intuition’ — Robert Foley (University of Western Ontario)
A Sense of Body Ownership’ — Hong Yu Wong (University of Tübingen)
Chair: Emmanouil Protonotarios (University College London)


Ebbinghaus Illusion’ — Ines Hipolito (University of Lisbon)

ROBO-GUIDE: Autonomous Navigation of Dynamic Spatial and Social Environments’ — David Cameron, Jonathan M. Aitken, Luke Boorman, Adriel Chua, Emily C. Collins, Samuel Fernando, Uriel Martinez-Hernandez, Owen McAree, & James Law (University of Sheffield)

Two-Sided Map: A Critical Study of Geography 2.0′ — Verbena Giambastiana (University of Siena)

The Spatial Unity of Experience’ — Bartek Chomanski (University of Miami)