iCog 2 - Programme

iCog 2
Perspectives on Learning

15–16 October 2014

Wednesday, 15 October

9:00am Registration and coffee

Session 1: Concept Acquisition

9:30am Alex Doumas, “Learning structured representations from scratch: an overview of the DORa project”

10:30am Richard Stöckle-Schobel, “On the evidence for prelinguistic concept learning”

11:15am Samantha Austen, “Revealing conceptual transfer in adult second language acquisition: a cognitive approach”

12:00 noon Lunch and poster session

Session 2: Learning and Language 

1:00pm Jean-Marc Dewaele, “Emotions in Multiple Languages”

2:00pm Charlotte Field, Melissa Allen and Charlie Lewis, “Language acquisition from social cues, associative cues and conflicting cues in typically and atypically developing children”

2:45pm James Kusch & Dror Abend David. “Why Study a Foreign Language? Motivation, Pedagogy and Translation Theory in Foreign/Second Language Acquisition”

3:30pm Refreshment break

4:00pm Jan Derry, “Inferentialism, pedagogy, and knowledge”

7:00pm Dinner at Ciao Roma

Thursday, 16 October

9:00am Registration and coffee

Session 3: Perceptual and numerical learning

9:30am Andrew Philippides, ” Visual learning in insects: a case study in synthetic neuroethology”

10:30am Vicente Raja Galian, “Perceptual Learning and Ecological Augmented Reality (PLEAR)”

11:15am Andrew Manches and Mihaela Dragomir, “Gesture as a window into how physical interaction shapes young children’s numerical development”

12 noon Lunch and poster session

Session 4: Neurology and brain imaging

1:00pm Szu-Han Wang, “Keep the adaptive learning and lose the maladaptive one”

2:00pm Jessica Diaz and Marios Philiastides, “The Nature and Neural Locus of Perceptual Learning”

2:45pm Anjuli Manrique, “Literacy, Anthropology and Brain Imaging”

3:30pm  Refreshment break

4:00pm Rosie Flewitt, “A broader view of learning from multimodal ethnography”

5:00pm Close